Audible Review:We Should Hangout Sometimes

Author: Josh Sundquist

Narrated by Josh Sundquist

Format: audible

Length: 6/4

Rating: 3/5


This is his true story on how for 25 years Josh has been single and his journey on figuring out what went wrong. Josh has different situations with girls where it didn’t work out for one reason or another. It went by introduction of the girl and how he knows them. How it went wrong. Then Josh meeting up with them to try, and figure out what happened. It went to awkward to growing slowly for Josh at each discovery.

My Thoughts:

I listened to this book, and listening to Josh tells his story is like being at party and just talking about the bumps of relationships. Josh is a smart nerd that has a disability. However Josh is a regular guy who loves science and math. Though I’ve never been good at math/science or loss a body part. I can connect to him in his struggle to connecting to people.

So the story itself was pretty quick and felt like it was just  a bunch of short stories rolled into one. Which if that’s what Josh wanted it points to him. Other than that its pretty much about the past and then present time. Its a memoir so I guess this is how there written which is something am not used to.

The ending was cute if not a little rushed. However am glad to have listened to Josh’s story and can’t wait for more of his books in the future.

Book Review: Illuminae

Author: Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Series: the Illuminae Files_01

Genre: Science Fiction w/ mult. media

Format: Hardback/audible

Page Count: 599/ 11hrs & 41mins

Rating: 5/5

Summary: First off we start on the planet Kerenza where the people there gets attacked randomly. Destroying the planet but not ever one including ex’s Kady and Erza. However they get separated and one goes on the Alexandra and the other on Hypatia both heading toward the Heimdall while running from the people who were trying to destroy Kerenza. However it’s not a smooth trip and soon things start to get hushed up so it seems that Kady is the only one who wants to find answers.

My Thoughts:

So much happens and that ending had me preordering the next book which is only two days away. Everyone has pretty much heard/read this book before me since it is a 2015 release and am late as always. But here is my very thoughts though a bit randomly about this book that I don’t read the genre but kind a want to read more.
I didn’t get lost and was happily surprised about where the story took you. That mostly have to do with Kady Grant. She is such a strong character who had a lot and I mean a LOT of things thrown at her yet she took it all with steel. Even if she didn’t really feel it. Her hacking skills and drive to find answers are great traits for a character to have. And Ezra may not be the smartest guy in the world I still loved him and humor. He’s a goof ball that I just wanted to hug and cheer for when he got a achievement.
But they are not the only two weren’t the only reason..

1. there was also the war in the space and how these ships where trying to get to the Heimdall to safety.

2. The whole government are keeping secrets so Kady has to use her hacking skills to find the answers.

3. Long distance relationship taken to another level since its in space and on two different ships.

4. The mystery virus that has to be contained in locked place.

5. And of course when a computer becomes to smart for the peoples own good.

I enjoyed all these points because in my head it can all happen which is scary and a page tuner at the same time. Kaufman and Kristoff didn’t pull any punches and pulled at your heart because you fall in love with all the characters. Well the ones at least that become friends with the two main characters and can make me smile. I love my side characters and these book hurt my heart a lot for what they did.
Plus the audio is really interesting for its done by different voices and just made the storyline run smoothly without me getting confused. Its 11 hrs and 41 mins however since its a mult-media book it was page or two chapters.
the writing is interesting because there is a lot of media’s in the book. Including IM’s, emails, voicemails, drawings, and other things I don’t know the names of. But it was really cool to look at while listening. Also the descriptions especially with AIDAN the way everything was describe I POV made it seem like he was a real person instead of a machine.

this book was beautiful done and so glad I don’t have to wait a whole year before the next book comes out.

So there are the thoughts of one bookworm let me know yours in the comments below. Also if anyone has some good science fiction books that is good for a beginner please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and hope to come back soon. 🙂

Book Review: Second Chance Summer 

Author: Morgan Matson

Page Count: 468

Format: paperback

Publisher: Simon & Schuster 

Genre: contemporary Ya 

Rating: 5/5 

Summary: The Taylor’s are going back to there summer home after tragic news are told to them. Now with only a summer they need to pack a lot of bounding time together. And if that isn’t enough Taylor has to deal with people she left behind 5 years that she didn’t want to see again. The Edwards have a hard road ahead this summer and have to stick together. 

Finished this book and let me tell you I cried. It took me by surprise and I couldn’t really stop. Am all caught up with my Morgan Matson books and now just have to wait for Everything Everything to come out. 
Loved how this story had different elements of friendships, love and family, and lost. For though am laughing at parts my heart still went out for Taylor and her family. Because though Taylor goes through a summer job to getting a second chance in a old friendship and relationship. Taylor has to deal with what’s happening to her dad and spending time with him. Those where the cutest moments. The romance wasn’t overly cheesy which is A+ in my book. And it wasn’t just Taylor and Henry but also Taylor’s big brothers try at a romance. 

There was growth from Taylor not being a runner. To Taylor’s whole family go from being distant from each other to becoming closer. The siblings came together but also let other people come and talk to them when they couldn’t talk to family. 

I did have a problem with the fact that conflict that was caused at age 12 lasted for 5 years. I know to a 12 year old it may be major but come on Lucy and Henry should have gotten over it sooner. Also when Taylor asked Henry if he believes in second chances that was actual the third chance. 

Plus I would have liked a little more at the end. Why do contemporary authors leave there stories so open ended. Also to see more the side characters would have been cool. 

Other than that I loved this book and like I said can’t for the newest one to come out. Sorry for how long this is if you made it all the way through your a superstar. 

MAYBE SOMEDAY by Colleen Hoover

Format: paperback

Publisher: Atria Paperback

Page Count: 367

Rating: 4/5

SUMMARY: This is a story about music and how it helped heal a girl with a broken heart and a boy with writer block. However as the music helped bring this two people together it also brought something to the table that neither wants to label or think about. 

Okay so this is told in two POV’s. First there is Sydney who on her 22nd birthday found out that her best friend and boyfriend have been sleeping together.  So she left the apartment to end up with our second point of view Ridge. Who turns out to be a deaf music writer whose in the middle of major writers block. However with Sydney’s brilliant song writing talents they make beautiful music together. And of course something more.

Except for the fact that Ridge has had a girlfriend for the past 5 years.


I enjoyed reading Ridge’s character he is a loyal friend and boyfriend. Who takes his deafness into the fullness and doesn’t downplay it. And his brother and best friend Warren treats him like  a regular guy. Loved this. Also I loved watching the prank wars between the roommates in the apartment. The music element was cool to read about. How Ridge can write music and know the cords and pitches a song needs to be. It’s a great example of how a character overcome a disability to do what he’s good at.

I Disliked…

Sydney at moments. For example during the prank war she’s a beginner however she tries. Also I like when Sydney’s being sarcastic it comes naturally to her which makes it more fun. But damn can this girl cry. Ever other page she has tears in her eyes or she is crying into her hands. I get that she had it shitty in the beginning however she just kept putting herself in that situation. Plus for someone who didn’t want be a Tori or a Hunter she didn’t exactly fight it.

Something I also didn’t get was the fact that they were so open with each other. However than why the hell did it took so long for Sydney to move out. Am sorry after that first kiss Ridge should have told Sydney that she needed to leave. Or Sydney needed to do it herself. Instead they try to be less attracted to each other by listing flaws. Am just saying the moving out should have been sooner than it actual was.

Maybe Someday is a really cute contemporary  that am glad I got to and going to be getting Maybe Not to see things from Warrens Point of View. And I’ll be continuing on the Colleen Hoover train so toot toot.