Weekly Wrap Up

In a week I caught up with (though I really didn’t mean to) with the Beautiful Bastard series by Christina Lauren. For me the series just got better as I read side characters from the first book fall in love in there own books. Max is my favorite guy while Hana is my favorite girl. My favorite couple is Will and Hanna. But to be completely honest I loved all them as couples and the friendship with all of them. I smiled, laughed, and was frustrated at times but I still loved each of these books.

So the books I read was 

(2)Beautiful Stranger: Max and Sara the sexy Brit and the need a new start. 

(3)Beautiful Player: Will and Sarah the player and the speak her mind scientist. 

(3.5)Beautiful  Beginning: The wedding of Chole and Bennet. Along with there families chaos began. 

(3.6)Beautiful Beloved: Max and Sarah working the ins and outs after having a baby. 

(4)Beautiful Secret: Niall and Ruby the divorce executive and the intern. 

(4.5)Beautiful Boss: Will and Hanna decided where they want to go for Hannas job. 

The funny thing about this series is it was never in my TBR and just wanted to try the series out. So trying something new and highly enjoy it. Plus the series isn’t over so when the new one comes out I’ll be reading that when it comes out. 

How did everyone else week went? I hope it was as good as mine. Until next time.