4 in 1 Book Review

This is my continuing on my reviews for the In Death books series. Currently I’ve read 7.5/40 books. And since I read these pretty fast I decided to do a group review then individual ones. So here we go with books 5,6,7,7.5.

Summary with this series is we follow a Lieutenant named Eve Dallas in futurist New York City fight crimes. All books are over 300 pages except for the novella is less the 100.

   1. Ceremony in Death

So we have the witchcraft aspect that of course that Eve has no belief in. All I have to say is the quit ones are the most deadly. Just saying. Its a is wiccan good or bad that’s what logically mind tries to understand. However in a typically Eve’s fashion she makes more enemies then anything. What I don’t get is that Eve is doing her job and gets a major crap for it.

  2. Vengeance in Death 

So it’s time for Roake along with some old friends from Dublin past to come to light. This is my favorite of the 4 because you get more of Roake past. Plus Eve and Roake have arguments and for some reason I love that. Roake is suffering plenty for the death of old friends he asked for help back in Dublin. Its so nice to see Roake not being in controlling and suffer these lost. Then there’s Eve who doesn’t know how to handle this. She is not usual the comforting one so its interesting to see the roles switched.

   3.  Holiday in Death 

It’s the first Christmas for the married couple and also someone likes the Christmas song my “True Love Gave to Me” to much. So other than trying to figure out gifts for a man who has everything and friends Eve gets to sove a murder as well. I enjoyed the fact that Eve has no idea what to do with Christmas while Roake goes over the top. She’s out of her element with this and it’s nice to see her struggle a little. Another person taken out of her element is Peabody she gets a makeover to go undercover with her least then favorite person McNab. Awe the chemistry.

     4. Midnight in Death  

It’s still Christmas time and an old serial killer comes back to New York for News Years. Eve has to stop him before he gets everyone who had a hand in putting him in jail including Eve herself.You read how Eve tries to get back into the head of these killer who thinks he’s a scientist. However Eve soon learns that being in prison in three years that he’s learned some new tricks. It was short and sweet and is good little read.

So now that I gave a some what summary and some thoughts. Lastly I want to say I gave all these books 5/5 and excited to keep going. Also something I love about this story is the fact that there is character growth. The most being Eve. She used to be all cop and closed off, however with the help of Roake and her friends she’s starting to open up more. You don’t always see the cop, and I enjoy watching her grow.

Okay am done for now please comment down if you’ve or reading this series. I love listening to the stories so I keep getting them. So until next time keep reading. ūüôā

Review: Throne of Glass

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Series: Throne of Glass #1

Page count: 406

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Source: Amazon Marketplace

Genre: Fantasy 

Rating: 5/5

Summary: After serving out a year of hard labor in the salt mines of Endovier for her crimes, 18-year-old assassin Celaena Sardothien is dragged before the Crown Prince. Prince Dorian offers her her freedom on one condition: she must act as his champion in a competition to find a new royal assassin. So aside from the tournament itself there is something killing the other competitors. So now Celaena has to help find a killer and try to stay alive.

My Thoughts 

To be truth I got this book to see what the hype is about this series and Sarah J. Mass. And to say am actual impressed. Yes I had some problems with it, but had some very interesting time with it.

  • Characters: Celaena as a character is tough and she knows she is. Sometimes I wished she didn’t know so that she wouldn’t be to big headed about it. She was taught will, and that helped her both the tournament and figuring out about the killers. Both Dorian and Chaol are best friend since childhood which grew to now. Dorian is very a ladies man until he meets Celaena and finds out she share his love for books. I think he finds her interesting for the fact that she is so different then anyone he’s meet before. Dorian on the other hand is total opposite he takes his duty very serious as captain of the guards. Though he was a really serious person he¬†shared fighting with Celaena and¬†witty banter.
  • Romance:¬†Thing about ¬†the love triangle in this story was¬†more of¬†the Prince¬†Dorian and Celaena story. Yes there is some Chaol, but that was to train and sometimes in between. I like the prince, but he is reminds me of a love sick puppy when it comes to Celaena.¬†So I¬† wanted more Chaol and Celaena¬† to even it out will¬† loving¬†on their¬†banter. Also because I don’t believe I forgot about Nehemia the princess. She becomes friends with Celaena in the beginning, and boy does she not pull punches. The thing is she’s a princess in title only, and she is mean to all in the glass castle. Love her and for her caring of Celaena.
  • ¬†Great thing is the banter in these book it made smile, laugh and just¬†enjoy the story more. Plus the mystery with the killings kept me reading until the very end. Plus¬†it had a fae aspect which¬†wasn’t¬†that big in this book it was still interesting to ¬†aspect. Also the end was so good with the fighting more than them just hitting each other.
  • The sore spot for me is there was no true tournament other than throwing and climbing. It reminded me of Divergent when Tris and the newbies ¬†had to go through all those test to be able to stay in Dauntless. Then in the end we actual see hand on hand combat. I just assumed that there will be more of the assassin aspect
  • Lightly mentioned the king is a bastard. Even if he’s not really in the story for only the beginning and the end. However¬†when he was¬†there he¬†was a total¬†ass to Celaena especially at the end.¬†¬†Reason this is small is because anyone who¬†read this will¬†know what I mean.

I really want the next book The Crown of Midnight and makes me excited for the fact I hear these books get better as the story progresses. What I would love is more Chaol and Celeana and more fighting assassin things going on. So until the next time keep reading bookworms.

REVIEW: Fall With Me by J. Lynn

Series: Wait for Me #4

Page Count: 389

Published: March 31, 2015 by Avon

Genre: new adult

Format: kindle e-book

Rating: 4


Bartender Roxy has been in love with Reece since she was 15. Except when a  misunderstanding that happened eleven months ago over a one night stand ruined everything. Now Reece wants to start fresh and not just friends, but for something else that Roxy may not be ready for. Also while Roxy is figuring out her feelings there’s a mad stalker guy who is doing weird things in her apartment.

I went back and forth over the rating for the fact that I really enjoyed some of it, however some of I did not. It may also not help that I started this book and got halfway before I realized that its a fourth book in the series. It didn’t help that I never went on goodreads to check just started reading. Although I believe all the books are just companions and don’t have to be read in order, you just get the characters from the other books without background.

Plus sides of these book is the humor is on point. I really love Katie the stripper best friend she’s supposed to have psych powers thanks to a pole accident. I just love how blunt she is and told  Roxy to use her lady balls when involving her feelings toward Reece. You never really was supposed to take her seriously, but grew to love her anyway. Own book please and thank you. Also I want the shirts that Roxy wore in the book she had those cool saying ones that made people ask questions. For example Hufflepuff does it better how can know one not want to rock a shirt like that just for the comments. Good or bad.

The negative is that there was predictable moments. Like when the whole stalker was revealed I was like KNEW IT! Side note that whole part of Roxy finding him out was dumb. I mean come on she even says it was like something in a horror movie, and yet she did it. Without her cellphone. How does that not seem like a bad idea. Okay end of rant before spoilers happen.

Anyway the characters were meh to me. Like I said I enjoyed Katie for her humor and bluntness. Also later on the book we were  introduced to Jacob who I fell in love with just by introduction..

IMG_2881love this. Now the others I need to read the others to really get to know them so on to the main characters. They are not my favorite. Reece was to damn perfect character with good humor. He is the boy next door who there when needed. He was always sweet to Roxy and told her how it is when she was acting dumb. And let me tell you she had plenty of those. Am glad to see they worked out the realtionship like most should be and was more real.

I can’t wait to read the other books to get to know everyone else and just stay in these world for a little bit longer.

REVIEW: Hopeless

  Author: Colleen Hoover

Page Count: 406

Publisher: Simon&Schuster

Format: paperback 

Rating: 3/5


Sky Davis has been homeschooled her whole life until she convinced her mom to let her go to school for her senior year to be with her best friend. However things don’t go as plan when her best friend Six leaves the country for schooling. So now Sky has experience being in a public school and it isn’t easy.  That was until she meet Holder who from first sight she knew he was different, and being around bring things that Sky tired to forget. 

So I wasn’t overly impressed with this book as my first Colleen Hoover book. Am going to try her other books since I hear that she get better with each book. Anyway onto the review of Hopeless. 

So Sky was adopted at the age of six and really doesn’t remember her life before that. She doesn’t even really care that she doesn’t. She is happy with her life with her mom and having her best friend right next door. However something I don’t get is why she kept going back and forth between calling her Karen and mom? Is it a adopted thing or am just being weird. Also I loved how she’s like I won’t do this I promise and yet goes and do it anyway. So basically she’s telling me that her word is more of a 50/50 thing. 

I did enjoy watching Sky learn about technology for the first time. For not only was she homeschooled but has lived in a no technology house. So watching her text and not getting lingo that we know like “lol” was different. Another thing about Sky is that before she meet Holder she was a make out and not feel anything kind of girl. But then she started to feel to much which triggered things that she forgot ages ago. 

Holder reminds me of Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster he had so many mood swings that mellow out some as his relationship with his girl progress. However Holder had twin who killed herself and Holder is trying to figure out why she did it. He’s a thinker and likes to lay out beneath the stars. So even if he’s angry he does has than shot spot. Holder also becomes a rock to Sky when crap hits the fan, and it’s sweet that he is willing to help her anyway he can. 

Now when things hit the fan I was not surprised. I could tell that the twists was coming it was that predictable. It kind of bummed me out where I had to stop reading it after awhile then decide just get it over with. That is why I couldn’t give this book nothing higher than a three for this fact alone. 

The writing went from past to present and also the chapters were labeled more like diary entries. It sometimes threw me off on the time span that things were happening. 
So I have two more Colleen Hoover books and I’ll get to them sometime when am in another contemporary mood. Qucik question is Losing Hope worth reading? I know it’s in Holders point of view, and haven’t decide if I actual want to read it. Let me know in the comments below thanks for viewing. 

REVIEW: Immortal In Death

Author: J.D. Robb

Series: In Death #3

Page Count: 10hrs. 16mins / 296

Format: audible/paperback

Publisher: 1996 Berkley

Rating: 5/5

Summary: Top model Pandora was killed and Eve’s best friend is being framed. Now with the death of the model and a new drug that could cause it. Also with her wedding coming soon Eve is a little distracted.

So as the story continued time for fashion and Pandora was the big cheese modeluntil she is found in the home of a designer with her face beaten in. That happened to be where her best friend Mavis boyfriend live. Now Eve with her new aid Peabody have to find answer while getting ready for her wedding. As the story goes on we learn that it’s all about money and a new drug called immortal that is a slow pision. There are plenty of suspects since know one liked Pandora for she is a mean B* and plenty of people would like her dead.

I didn’t see the killer even though I should have however I don’t believe who they thought the first killer was either. 

I went back and forth from audible to book and I may stick to audible. For one reason I love the narrator who does the reading. She makes it more enjoyable and quicker to get through. Also it’s cheeper. I need to save up some money and since this is a 40+ book series. That’s a lot of money that I can’t spend right now. 

So still loving this series and can’t wait to read more of Roake and Eve with there friends of course. ūüôā

REVIEW: Naked in Death

Author: J.D. Robb aka Nora Roberts

Narrated: Susan Ericksen

Series: In Death #1

Page Count: 10 hrs. 17 mins.

Format: paperback, audible

Publisher: Berkley (1995)

Source: amazon


Summary: It is the year 2058 and though the crime rate has gone down its still there. And its lieutenant Eve Dallas job to stop the criminals and has been for 10 years. However with the murders of professional prostitutes one being the granddaughter of a governor. So now Eve has to find out to track down a killer using old time guns to kill.

My thoughts: I’ve tired to read this book however could never get into it so I decide to use audible. So glad I did. The narrator Susan Ericken has a really fun way of keeping me interested.  I feel like I enjoyed the characters more because I listen to it and got there voices in my head. Which I really liked.I first thought this was like Stephaine Plum series by Janet Evanovich however it’s not. 

One thing I love about this series is the fact there is no love triangle. Eve doesn’t really do relationships thanks to a crappy past. However she feels a pull to billionaire Roake, and it just grows from there. Something I didn’t like about there relationship is the fact that it was fast. I thought there would be a little more of a tug and war between them and there wasn’t. I don’t overly mind though because I still loved there realtionship and will probably always have a special place for them. 

The mystery itself was good I didn’t know who it was though I always try to figure it out myself. I didn’t figure out myself. However I still really enjoyed this and glad that I finally started this story. Though it was a mystery about death it did have it’s humorous parts which I probably wouldn’t have caught if I didn’t listen to it. 

I will be continuing on this HUGE series however think I can get through it pretty fast. Or as fast as I can get through 40 books. Will see. 

REVIEW: the evoultion of mara dyer

Author: Michelle Hodkin
Series: Mara Dyer #2
Page Count:528
Genre: YA/Paranormal
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Source: amazon
Summary: Mara Dyer finally lost it enough to be sent to Horizon where a doctor Kell was supposed to help her. Instead she was put through test to find a cure for what she is and found out more about her abilities. Mara now has to try to find answers and escape Horizon hopefully without losing her mind. 
My first thoughts while reading this was that it was a great second book. It picked up right after the first one, and kept up the suspense and pace. In this one we were told a little more about how Mara and others like in her Horizon have there “gifts.” There is a lot of science talk and some of it went over my head. However I really still enjoyed this second book. Especially since a certain character that was taken away in the first one is back.

I enjoyed reading about inside Hoizon even though Dr. Kell’s one sick lady. You can tell she is a scientist and want more facts on this gene that she’ll do anything. She doesn’t believe she is doing anything wrong, but helping these kids. So the kids at Horizon some are okay others are really sick and can be dangerous.

Also there is Noah and Mara relationship that is more developed this time around. Noah is still Mara’s boaster when she get’s down on herself and the guy with a plan. I always loved that about their relationship and how Noah knows that Mara has done some bad things.That has lead her to this point, but still love her and boast her up when she’s at her lowest.
That ending though was crazy how could it not be. It was everything that a final showdown should be and I cant wait to get the Retribution of Mara Dyer. The end was not quick and it left me with a strong want to read the final book. For both answers and just to see what they could possible do next.

Can’t wait to read the retribution of Mara dyer because that cliffhanger got me to buy the kindle version of the third book. Read the trilogy if you haven’t already their really good stories.

Review: Scarlet

Author: Marissa Meyer
Series: The Luna Chronicles #2
Page Count:452
Genre: Cinderella Retelling
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Feiwel and Friends (2013)
Source: Book Outlet
Rating: 5/5
Summary: While Cinder escape and becomes the most wanted criminal in Commonwealth. Halfway across the world in Toulouse, France Scarlet Benoit is searching for her grandmother. No one seems to care or want to help other than a street fighter everyone calls Wolf. Now with Wolf’s help they follow the breadcrumbs that will hopefully lead to her grandmother.
The story is set in different point of views so that you don’t miss out on the old characters as you get introduced to the new ones. Also for a second book it was a faster pace than the first book. So with the quickness and action I speed through this book. Also with the world building you just get sucked in.
As of the old characters they’ve grown up a lot in this second book. Which is big since both Kai and Cinder are still teens, and in a short time has taken a lot of responsible on each of there shoulders. As you read you see through their points of views that they were struggle Kai with Queen Levana to not start a war. Then there’s Cinder whose trying not to get caught while looking for answers. Iko is back and am so happy. She played a big part in these book as well, and brought her sass and humor with her. I guess I can say about Queen Levana is I still really don’t like her. I raged so much when her and Sybil as they racked havoc without a care. I can’t wait until they both be put down a peg or two because they so need it along with a good beat down.
Now to the newer characters. Scarlet am waiting for her to catch her strive. She is a red haired gardener who can pilot a ship, and that’s all I’ve gotten so far. She does have a connection to Cinder that we learn later in the book. So that is why I haven’t given up on her yet. Wolf is the street fighter that seems really shy at first, but as the book progresses we learn that there is more to him. He is always there ready to save Scarlet when needed and it was needed. And watching there banter was sweet even if it did fell that things were more instant love going on. Last character is Captain Throne the furtive that escaped
with Cinder. I like Throne for his humor more than anything. Also for the fact out of everyone he was the most help to Cinder.
My feelings were torn in these book along with sleepless nights. Meyer really knows how to suck you in until you forget the world outside this one. There is still a lot of questions that need to be answered, and I can’t to see what Cinder and gang have in store next.

Review: Since You’ve Been Gone¬†

Title: Since You’ve Been Gone 

Author: Morgan Matson
Page Count: 449
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Format: Hardback
Source: Book Outlet 
Rating: 5/5
Summary: Emily Hughes life goes upside down when her best friend Sloane who was always the one to lead disappears without a  word. Then two weeks later Emily gets a letter from Sloane with a list of thirteen things that she wants to her to do that takes Emily out of her comfort zone. Now Emily is having the summer of her life to gaining friends and hoping for some answers. 
Emily has her moments where she could be annoying especially in the beginning. However it was nice to see her grow from being a dependent to independent. She learned that she could have fun without Sloane there, and is braver than she looks. So this whole list thing was the best thing Sloane could have done for Emily. 
The romance and interaction between  Emily and Frank was my favorite. He was in each chapter and was helpful to Emily. Even saved her a couple times. It was so cute to watch her going from hardly being able to talk
to him, to growing into a friendship more. I love watching the process of it along with all the other friendships that she gained. 
Thing I didn’t overly like is how everything went down hill really fast. Plus how everyone was so ready to unfriend her. Also this book is big on absent parents. Emily’s parents were there however since they were screen writing they missed out in a lot of things. Lastly the chapters. I don’t think I’ve every read a book that has twenty-four pages to a chapter. 
Overall this book had the cuteness factor that I expect from a Morgan Matson books. And enjoyed the concept of growth and friendship in the book. Now I have another book down and need to read more. 

Review: The Madman’s Daughter

Author: Megan Shepherd

Series: The Madman’s Daughter #1

Page Count: 420

Publisher: Harper teen

Format: paperback

Source: book outlet 

Rating: 4.5/5

Summary: Juliet is an orphan in London thanks to her father scandal that ruined the last name Moreau. Now about to be put out into the streets she enlist the help of an old family servant Montgomery, who knows where her father is. Now Juliet goes to find answer from the one man who could answer them, and get more than she asked for. 

This book I thought was going be darker than it actual was. I mean it does has it creepy moments but nothing to keep the lights on. However the story was fast paced, and had some really good twist. I also enjoyed seeing Juliet struggle with what her father was and that she maybe more like him then she cared. The creatures in this book though some are meaner then others some are sweet and your heart goes out to them. 

The romance in this was interesting to a point. Juliet was so conflicted between Montgomery or Edward and the fact that she felt a connection to them both. It was part frustrating and as you learn more about the boys it gets more complicated. 

That ending was so messed up and can’t wait to read the next book since it doesn’t involve the island. Plus I would love to see how Juliet handles all that she’s learned on the island, and of course that betrayal.